Best Marathi Movies on Amazon Prime 2021

Best Marathi Movies on Amazon Prime 2021: India is the land of languages and therefore here cinema is not just limited to Hindi or English language. Regional Cinema has its own regional audience and it has been observed that in past few years, the standard of regional cinema has increased a lot. Amazon Prime India steadily ramping up its regional content. Now you can watch some of the best Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi etc. If you want to explore any , we have created a list of the best Marathi movies on Amazon Prime.

Best Marathi Movies on Amazon Prime

1. Natsamrat

Best Marathi Movies on Amazon Prime 2021

First movie in the list of our best Marathi movies on Amazon Prime is Natsamrat. Natsamrat is the answer to what Marathi cinema can do. The poems are mesmerizing. The acting is outstanding. The movie makes you question the harsh reality of relationships and standing up for what you believe in. After he retires, an aging theatre actor and his wife begin to feel unwanted by their children.

2. Ashi Hi Banwa Banwi

Best Marathi Movies

Four friends are searching for rented accommodation. The landlady insists only on married couples, so two of the friends are forced to dress as women and pretend to be wives of the other two. Laxmikant Berde and Sachin perform a drag queen comedy drama to the fullest. Their presence along with Ashok Saraf, Sushant Re, Nivedita Saraf, Ashwini Bhawe, Priya Arun is just priceless.

3. Mala Aai Vhhaychy!

Best Marathi Movies on Amazon Prime

Surrogation has become a large scale business in India these days. This film is based on a true incident.. Mary visits India looking for a surrogate mother. She finds Yashoda to bear her child, but gets disappointed on learning about the child’s deformity. Will Mary accept the child? Conveying the message to the audience and lawmakers, that motherhood and a bond between mother and child can’t be defined or bound by laws.

4. Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate

Marathi Movies on Amazon

This is a story of a 10th Std girl, ‘Teju’ and her best friend ‘Vanilla’, who is a female dog. This film not only entertains you but it gives a social message. It says, Love animals, adopt a pet.

5. Ek Unad Divas

Best Marathi Movies on Amazon Prime 2021

Vishwas is a workaholic businessman who hasn’t enjoyed his life. One day he meets his friend Govinda who tells him that one can stay happy with limited money. Vishwas rethinks on what Govinda told him and feels he has missed lot of things and decides to freak out for a day. Very small story but very very effectively presented.

6. Baapjanma

A social drama involving a retired and widowed intelligence officer who is estranged from his married children, who suddenly becomes terminally ill and then sets out to make amends using unconventional methods, with an unexpected ending. A superb film. A film that gives lots of laughs and keeps you on seat to watch it.

7. Deool

he movie marks a fine performance by Girish. His character speaks louder than any other ones. Nana Patekar in a supporting role is fine as well. The concept and the theme of the movie is powerful, as a result the movie stands as an engaging watch. I think the movie is satirical and makes us question ourself and our actions, and our belief system.

8. Prawaas

Prawaas is the journey of an elderly couple Abhijat Inamdar (Ashok Saraf) and Lata Inamdar (Padmini Kolhapure). Every person has a certain time to live in this world and it’s important to understand how one lives his life. Abhijat also knows that he has a certain time to live his life and nobody is immortal. Nice touching and warm movie. Excellent performances from all.

9. Sumbaran

Two brothers walk down memory lane, reminiscing about when they were young. Veeru a struggling music director is returning to his village with his older brother Vasanta and his wife after many years to celebrate Diwali at their ancestral home they are also accompanied by their friends Sushu and Mukta.

10. Mee Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy

An Amazing Movie Very Gd Story Writing Sachin Khedeker & Mahesh Manjreker Outstanding Performance. Dinkar Maruti Bhosle, a common Marathi man with an identity crisis ends up being the Crusader against threats to his existance & identity as a ‘Marathi Maanus’. In his battle against all odds & evils, he is assisted by Shivaji Maharaj. Our list of best Marathi movies on Amazon Prime is incomplete if we don’t put this movie in our list.

11. Half Ticket

A very good movie giving a strong message to the society especially rich class. It is an adaptation of the Tamil movie titled Kaakkaa Muttai. Film takes one to ghettos of the poorest of the poor of India and reveals that children here too have same strengths,weaknesses ,dreams and Rubaab self respect as all others anywhere.

12. Double Seat

The movie which touches your heart. Every scene has a meaning and shares something of value. What a lovely advert for Marathi cinema .. every newly married couple goes through the trials and tribulations of life and will relate to the movie and it’s characters. Double Seat is a story of newly wed lovebirds Amit and Manjiri struggling to find their private space in overwhelming city of Mumbai.

13. Ek Sangaychay

The film throws light on this rapidly changing world, stressed lives, changing lifestyles, societal pressures and parents’ expectations. This the world where everyone is struggling to accomplish their goals and make their own identity. It is an emotional take on the lack of communication and the generation gap between parents and children and how it has led to many sensitive issues.

14. Aajacha Divas Majha

This film shows what can a politician (chief minister) do if he literally want to do some good work for a common man. An ordinary citizen and an honest political representative take on corruption and bureaucracy.

15. Bonus

The movie is about emotions and life living. The flim is best with perfect locations and cinematography. A simple premise treated wonderfully to show that the rich-poor divide is a matter of attitude. The characters have been chosen carefully with each one of them delivering a convincing performance.

16. Aamhi Doghi

One of the best Marathi movies

Amazing performance by Priya Bapat and Mukta Barve. Story line and dialogues are superb. Pratima joshi has done a lovely job in bringing out the emotions of this take of the relationship between a step mother and a step daughter. But more than that even it’s a take of a woman breaking free really of the effect of a hard fatherhood and the inheritance that has left on her.

17. Kaul

Regional Movies on amazon prime

This movie is a gem in movie making. Screenplay is tight, direction is crisp and dialogues are well written. No spoon feeding. What would you do if you witness something extraordinary but cannot talk about it to anyone?Can you keep your sanity intact? What would you do, if a responsibility is assigned to you which might change the fate of universe?Would you be excited or petrified? A school teacher in a village goes through this mind-wrecking journey without a choice.

18. Family Katta

‘Family Katta’ is the story of a splintered family, at the head of which are Bhai and Malati, a couple celebrating their golden jubilee wedding anniversary. Their children and grandchildren are located in different cities and over time the family has lost touch due to unresolved issues from the past. This movie is so different yet so strong. Top notch performance by each and every character. Beautiful portrayal of Bhai and Malati , as an elderly couple.

19. Narbachi Wadi

Gentle in every frame with a script that’s laced with humour and set against the exotic landscape of Konkan, Narbachi Wadi is a film that effortlessly draws you into the peaceful and simple life that Narba (Dilip Prabhavalkar) leads. A greedy landlord tries to take over a beautiful grove in Konkan from its rightful ancestral owner.

20. Duniyadari

Best college romance and a friendship flag ship for Indian movies.. best characters and smooth story line.. hats off for efforts from direction and producer team. Fabulous casting , directing and dialog writing. thanks to Sir Suhas Shirwalkar who wrote amazing novel Duniyadari. Very rarely you come across a film like this – where you get all the elements of movie genre – Comedy, Action, Romance, Emotion, Drama, Thrill.

So, here is the list of best Marathi movies on Amazon Prime. We tried to put best of the best movies in our list but if you feel there are more such movies which we should add in our list of best Marathi movies on Amazon Prime, then please comment.

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