How to Activate Auto reply in WhatsApp

How to Activate Auto reply in WhatsApp: Believe that, this method is going to be very useful for you, let us know why. Today there is hardly anyone who does not use WhatsApp. It has become an important part of our communication system today. Today, the place that once used to be SMS, has become WhatsApp or even more important. File sharing or video – photo or any congratulatory message, all just a click away and that too for free.

But many times we are so busy that we cannot see the messages and this makes the sender of the message feels ignored or neglected. And if you are running a business account on WhatsApp, then every message becomes very important for you and then you feel that there was a way that WhatsApp would automatically reply in your place. So, is there any way to make Auto reply Activate like SMS in WhatsApp?

Yes, it is, and this method is going to be very useful for everyone. Let us know how to activate auto reply in WhatsApp.

How to Activate Auto reply in WhatsApp

To activate Auto reply in WhatsApp, you have to install a third party app in your phone. Whose name is WhatsAuto – Reply App. Being a third party app, it is a bit risky but so far we have not read or heard any negative news related to it. So you can definitely try this app.

Let us now know about the features of this app and how it works.

Installing WhatsAuto is very easy. You can download it directly from your Google play store. All you have to do is type in the search box of your play store. WhatsAuto and the first link you will get is installed in your phone.

Let us now know how to activate the auto reply in this app.

1. After installing WhatsAuto, you open it. After opening, it will look something like this.

How to Activate Auto reply

2. After opening it, you have to do its auto reply on. After doing this, your notification menu will open.

3. From here you will have to notify WhatsAuto, after which it will ask your permission to reply by reading all the messages of your WhatsApp, which you have to allow.

4. After allowing, you will be automatically redirected back to WhatsAuto.

5. Now you can select any of the available messages or you can also type your own message.

Auto reply in WhatsApp

6. WhatsAuto gives you many options where you can choose an option according to your convenience. Then you can auto reply everyone by choosing Everyone or you can just select your contact list, or instead of contact list you want to send message to someone else or you want to send message in groups. Overall, WhatsAuto gives you multiple options that can make your work a lot easier.

7. It also gives you many options in the group, through which you can choose which group you want to send a message or want to send to all.

8. You can also see later to whom WhatsApp has sent messages with the help of WhatsAuto.

How to Activate Auto reply in WhatsApp

Overall, if you look at it then it is very useful for you. The third party app is always risky but which is not an app with which there is no risk. So if you feel you can try using this app. Hope you will like this information, if you have any suggestions or you want to ask something, then you can definitely contact us.

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